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Rossi offers innovative solutions to complex water resources and permitting challenges. We assist our clients with navigating the regulatory complexity of stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), hydrology and hydraulics, and floodplain requirements.


We work closely with our clients by providing our diverse range of water resources engineering services. Our engineers understand the regulatory environment and support our clients by selecting the correct Best Management Practices (BMPs) and cost-effective solutions for the particular project. We provide permitting, engineering, and construction phase services for our clients with a focus on cost-efficient, practical, and sustainable solutions. 

Comprehensive List of Services:

  • Stormwater Management 

  • Erosion & Sediment Control, & Maintenance of Stream Flow

  • Hydrology & Hydraulics, & Floodplain Modeling

  • Wetland & Stream Restoration

  • Bridge Modeling & Scour Analysis

  • Drainage System Engineering

  • Watershed Assessments & Management Plans

  • Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Resiliency Studies

  • Permitting

  • Community Partnering & Facilitation

  • Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement Strategies

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