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Our transportation planners and engineers are committed to comprehensive, practical, and effective infrastructure solutions. Services include delivering planning, feasibility, multi-modal, corridor and concept studies, alternative development, preliminary and final engineering design, construction document preparation, and construction phase services for all sizes of roadways, trails, and urban street corridors. 

Rossi Group transportation engineers and planners support federal, state, regional, county, and local agencies. We work closely with MDOT and DelDOT by providing our diverse range of transportation planning and engineering design services. Our team collaborates with our clients to find the most effective, practical, and cost-effective solutions to their transportation needs. Rossi is dedicated to improving the lives of our communities while providing the highest level of safety, capacity, and value to the traveling public.


Comprehensive List of Services:

  • TAP Planning, NEPA, Feasibility, Corridor & Multi-modal Studies

  • Urban & Open Space Planning

  • Concept & Alternative Development

  • Preliminary & Final Engineering

    • Trail and Multi-Use Path, Sidewalks & ADA Compliance, Traffic Calming

    • Complete Streets, Streetscapes, Urban Redevelopment

    • Landscape Architecture

    • Rural & Urban Arterial Design

    • Highway & Freeway Design

    • Roundabout & Intersection Design

    • Safety Retrofit & Resurfacing Design

    • Bridge & Structure Engineering

  • Value & Impact Analysis

  • Asset Management 

  • Construction Cost Estimate & Document Preparation

  • Community Partnering & Facilitation

  • Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement Strategies

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