Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration I-70/I-695 Interchange Planning Study

Rossi Group is providing project management support to the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), Office of Planning and Preliminary Engineering (OPPE), Project Management Division (PMD) for preparing an Alternatives Development Technical Report and public meeting boards as part of the I-70/I-695 Interchange Planning Study. The Interchange Planning Study is conducted in a Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) project development process following the FHWA guidelines.  

The Planning Study has been initiated because the I-70/I-695 interchange, a three-level interchange with four ramp bridges constructed in 1965, is approaching the end of its useful lifespan and is experiencing operational and safety issues.    

The purpose of the study is to identify potential alternatives for addressing the deteriorating conditions of the existing interchange and improving capacity, traffic operations, safety, and regional and local access. The primary goal of the planning study is to develop a cost-effective plan to repair or replace the existing triple bridges with the goal to maximize the lifespan of the bridges and the interchange, to allow for future expansion as needed, and to meet the safety and mobility needs of the traveling public. Secondary goals of the Study are to balance traffic delays and detours during construction, future structure maintenance and expansion cost, and operational impacts to I-695 and the local road network. 

Four potential approaches to implement the interchange improvements were developed and depending on the funding availability and urgency to address structural, traffic, and safety concerns, will be carried forward for detailed study:  

  1. No-Build (maintain and rehabilitate existing structures and piers)  

  2. Full Interchange Reconstruction (replace entire interchange structure and maintain all ramp movements) 

  3. Partial Interchange Reconstruction (partially reconstruct interchange and permanently eliminate low traffic volume movement ramps) 

  4. Phased Interchange Reconstruction (replace or remove low traffic volume movement ramps while not prohibiting a full interchange construction at a later time) 


Rossi staff provided assistant project management coordinating with in-house and consultant staff for the preparation of the Alternatives Development Technical report. Rossi collaborated with various discipline leaders to compile a comprehensive technical summary report including existing conditions, structural analysis, existing and future traffic analyses, environmental impacts, construction cost, and alternatives comparison. Rossi provided review, distributed the report for comments, and ensured that the overall project schedule was met.     

Rossi staff also provided assistance in the preparation of the public meeting boards. Rossi organized the collected information and materials to develop presentation boards for the public meeting. Rossi developed complete and comprehensive meeting boards that included discussions about the purpose and needs, issues, goals and potential implementation plan and alternatives. The boards included a comparison of the implementation approaches including graphic display, construction cost ranges, geometric layout, structure information, existing and proposed traffic and safety analyses, construction duration and maintenance of traffic, as well as local, state, and federal permit requirements.  

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