Maryland Transportation Authority I-895 Stream Restoration TMDL Project 

Halethorpe, Maryland

Rossi Group provided civil engineering design, grading, drainage, and permitting services to support the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA). The MDTA has commissioned this project, which is a Stream Restoration project located along I-895 in Halethorpe, MD, in order to gain Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) credits. The stream under consideration runs between MDTA owned culvert headwalls and has tidal influence at the downstream end of the reach which exits via a culvert beneath the light-rail tracks.


Rossi’s core services included provided grading and design of a temporary haul road, grading for erosion and sediment control design and design development of erosion and sediment control and drainage plans for the construction phasing of the project. The project was designed to meet all Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) regulations and standards and was reviewed by MDTA and MDE for compliance.  

Rossi first created a concept plan for erosion and sediment control and the haul road design. Our field reconnaissance was conducted to observe current conditions in regards to access and maintenance of stream flow. Our office review of GIS and surveyed topography was then conducted for the site, including right-of-way consideration. Rossi then designed a general sequence of construction for the maintenance of stream flow and the access points for the haul road to determine the most viable locations for ingress/egress.  

After concept design, the design was taken to semi-final plan development. The construction plans required the design of a temporary haul/access road and temporary construction staging areas. Engineering judgment was to be utilized to develop one design alternative and establish a worst-case scenario for the limit of disturbance/grading limits. Proposed grading contours were established to ensure the constructability of the haul road. Erosion and sediment control plans were designed for each phase to minimize environmental disturbances and to reduce grading to the site. Plan sheets were developed showing each phase of construction, grading, and the necessary erosion and sediment controls. Standard notes, general notes, a sequence sheet, and detail sheets were also developed. Rossi’s overall services include temporary grading design, haul road typical section development with considerations for material, placement of stabilized construction entrances, design of staging areas, design of erosion and sediment control practices.


Rossi also designed drainage systems that would continue to function throughout the construction process. Existing drainage systems that currently outfall to the site/stream were required to be maintained and functioning during the construction process. These systems were designed by Rossi to function during each of the construction phases and not impact their effectiveness. Rossi coordinated with the prime consultant and MDTA throughout the design process to ensure the latest design files and data were utilized.


Project meetings, updates, and discussions were held when requested or necessary. A Construction Engineer’s cost estimate was quantified and included for the semi-final review submittal package. 

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